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Life is a Long Journey between Human Being and being Humane

By July 25, 2022No Comments

God created human beings in his own image and they were created with a purpose, not only to be uniquely autonomous, but to be professionally different. The purpose in mind was that every human– being was supposed to be an instrument of God’s image carrier who could take care of the universe and tend to the created potential around them as a co-partnered project; in other words, ‘being humane.’ All human beings are asked to work together as one human family to make this creation as wonderful as possible. But we usually find our failure to live up to our designed intentions on our self-discovery priorities. We entrust our image to other idols, such as money, power, sex, success, comfort, happiness, etc. The idols that we give power to, whether physical or not, rob us of our human nature.

The inevitable quality of life is an existence that separates it from being alive, because the ‘way of life’ is different than the ‘having life’. The way of life involves the process of doing something; something that is done or felt and thought in response to a condition; forming an idea of ​​the extent of the thing experienced; the gradual development of an object; awareness and response to one’s surroundings; identifying what sets certain beings apart and why they exist; understanding the specific types and aspects that frustrate maintaining balance; and the sense of being. In doing so, the way of life determines the way and future of living beings.

In the journey from the birth of man to that, there must be a guiding power to meet with the Supreme Divinity. This guiding force is necessary so that a person’s life does not deviate from its quiet path. Or, in other words, instead of chaos and disorder in human life, we have peace and serenity in this world. There are many divine qualities in this world that can serve as a guiding mantra in this regard. Of these, being human or possessing the qualities that make a person human is paramount.

The dividing line between human beings and at the same time, being human should be guided by a calm and beautiful mind. It is the calm mind of the person that can make a human being human. Human qualities cannot be classified into tight parts of water. Anything that stimulates a person’s intellect and his whole personality can be classified as human. Thus, a person may be unaware of the three aspects of life i.e., ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’, but at the same time he may be human in nature. In that sense, an ignorant mind can certainly be a mind possessing the divine qualities of this world.

Human refers to a member of the Homo sapiens species that differs from most animals in that it has high standards of psychological development, fluent and consistent speaking ability, the way it sits and stands, and the way things are made or caused. Humans can work on nature to create a new world to fulfill all their desires and wishes. There is force in human action to change the laws of nature. Human beings are endowed with the divine grace to bring into existence any abstract existence, quality or concept. They have the ability to make heaven or hell the planet on which life exists.

Individuals or Homo sapiens are the most extraordinary and main animal present on earth. They are not like other animals in terms of mental level, ability to speak, intentional activities and creating things using their mind. Then again ‘explanation’ is a quality inspired by people. He is empathetic, capable and really focused on the world around him, including creatures and various animals. Being empathetic is an honesty that builds up over the years, not achieving it at all. Being philanthropic is a decision even though we people are imagining it.

People can follow nature to create another world to satisfy their needs and desires. They can change the world. The world is facing progress in every field sometimes making it more convenient to live. People have made many changes on earth using their brains. Everything man-made that makes life significantly more convenient, all innovative advances such as machines, planes, solar-based use and nuclear power etc.

The whole process of becoming human is in the grip of life. Therefore, who we are, how and where we are, in terms of the way of life, is controlled by the whole concept of radar “life”. There are people in this world unless the radar of this life is connected to the human body, mind and soul. Regardless of whether there are people, they are declared as centenarians. Right. Human existence is sacred, the beginning and the end of life are in the hands of the Almighty. In this sense, the process of giving birth to a child is only one tool for the whole process of the beginning of human life. Therefore, for most people, mortal qualities, such as ego, arrogance, greed, and extreme thirst for worldly pleasures, should not dominate the qualities of the divine life.

Life is a constant, human being on one end and humanity on the other, a journey in between. Throughout this journey human beings interact in the social, political, economic and environmental spheres of their lives and develop into humanity by learning from their experiences and cultivating humanity in themselves. Human beings need to be carved into humanity so that they can emerge as wealth in the material as well as in the natural spheres of their lives.

Human qualities such as kindness, forgiveness or any other divine qualities that elevate a person’s personality to the best can be classified as being human. Here at this moment, we need to think about what is the meeting point between a human being and a person with human qualities at the same time. The answer in this context is that we humans have a view of our own lives. This view should be full of actions that enrich human qualities. In the long run, humanity must prosper. Thus, human qualities should be like a spinning wheel that spins the entire generation of humanity and turns it towards a ray of hope in the time to come. Human qualities should enrich humanity in particular, as a source of companionship, joy and moral upliftment.

The desire to respect the existence of others, to accept of the universal and natural truth, to be responsible for the world around, considerate of the substance which gives the essential meaning to something, ability of understanding the sufferings and misfortunes of others, to do away with inflicting any pain, and to put a civilizing effect on with whom or which we have direct or indirect involvement, make humans humane. When human beings have or show these qualities, each or every one of us receives human treatment. These qualities are the efforts that seek the best in people to achieve. This is a very time-consuming series of changes related to human development.

This same fact is key in the journey of human life. If, however, human life is a chaotic journey, being human should act as a publisher of the path. The publisher of this path acts as a source of peace and tranquility in the life of mankind. While being human in this world will be the guiding mantra of all, it will show its effect on our beautiful world. Human qualities guide man from the path of immorality to the path of virtue. Thus, when this word is drawn to the path of truth in the life of every person, peace and harmony in our world will surely become the order of the day. This fact reaffirms the fact that ‘life is a long journey between man and humanity’.

Humans as social animals can be an asset or even a threat to their natural and physical environment depending on the ‘way of life’ they adopt. Human life that is dedicated to achieving sustainability and not excellence; which uses innovative and creative skills for construction and not for destruction; one who strives for the greater good, not just narrow personal interest and associates personal interest with social interest is a life aware of humanistic qualities like compassion, empathy, integration, coexistence. Humans begin to live this life when they understand what the essence of humanity is and thus emerge as humanity.

It is rare to find a kind, benevolent and compassionate human being from birth. Being humane is a virtue. Cultivating any virtue takes many years of hard work, or usually a lifetime of effort, to bring it into practice, as the world is extremely dynamic, characterized by constant irrelevant and unequal changes. Circumstances in such a world compel man to make a mistake, although he is not necessarily as bad as man. In fact, ‘being human’ involves living with the best qualities of mankind, for example, warmth.

Is ‘being human’ ‘being humane’? With the characteristic of anthropoids, humans can become much less human than being human. We feel that the human side reflects the better qualities of human being, but what we experience more is the state of being human. The state of being human is the thing that all human beings live, because it is about natural human nature. Only collective enlightenment can make human nature equal to or equal to human understanding and values. Human nature is not far from humanity. It is a journey of prudent steps that should be in large numbers and wisely chosen over time.

This journey of prudent steps, first of all, takes into account the process of doing something, which means our actions. How our actions affect others should be our primary objective and should be taken care of while performing them. They should not intrude on a person’s respectable life and adversely affect inter-generational and intragenerative equity. So, whatever we do, we need to do or feel and think in response to a situation that makes the world more alive. Human development does not necessarily mean human development. Only through experience do we understand what is true or false and what really contributes to human development and advancement.

Our perception forms the idea of the extent of something experienced and we believe, understand and interpret it in a certain way. If our goal is to become rich in any way, we don’t mind if our other people become poor because of our intense desire. There is no harm in being rich, but if we are kind, we will definitely take others along. No luck works here, this is tough and there is a value of unity about the gradual development of human treatment. Without a true understanding of life, the virtuous deeds we do cannot be done.

‘Take advantage’, ‘have advantage’, ‘in benefit’, or ‘for our benefit’ weakens and reduces the awareness and response around us. We fail to recognize what sets certain beings apart and why. The needy and deprived people of the society should be uplifted so that they can enjoy the same standard of living or rights which are properly prevalent. This calls for sacrifice by other members of society who are in a better or more advantageous position. A person with empathy cannot find sacrifice by sacrificing something valuable, but that person considers it mandatory to establish peace in the community. This response comes with maturity, experience and wisdom.

When we understand and accept that everything that the creator of the universe has created is for the essence of natural balance it is human. A compassionate and humane approach strengthens this natural balance. We understand and respect the positive value of every living thing. The journey of a meaningful life takes a long time to firmly establish the three-dimensionality of being human, involving the care, concern and consideration of ‘deserving’ people.

Life is a long journey in which we experience the world around us, understand its intricacies, learn from our mistakes, move beyond identity, develop realistic visions, help others live better lives, value the life around us and have great respect for moral merit. This is how a human being goes through what it takes to become a human being, where the state of being human which starts from birth and continues throughout the life develops with the development of this way of life, as this development progresses, this state is accompanied by the quality of humanity.