Project Muskaan


A new study by an international charity for orphaned and abandoned children found that India is home to 20 million orphans, a figure projected to increase by 2021. A new study by an international children’s charity has found that 4 percent (or 20 million) of India’s child population are orphans. The statistics suggest that a considerable population of children are left to fend for their selves. With no one backing and protecting their social and financial security, it becomes difficult for them to pursue education in the same way as other children. Stationary is one such obstacle that prevents children from having full attention to their studies. Reports suggest that there is an acute shortage of stationery items for 20,00,000 orphans in India. Notebooks, pens and pencils, and basic stationery are fundamental to enhancing knowledge. To provide the children with some normalcy in studying, the Pledge a Smile Foundation has launched “Project Muskaan” for providing stationery items along with craft and colouring books to 1,00,000 orphan kids and bring a smile to their faces. Some of the target orphanages include Bal Seve Sansthan, Bal Vihar Orphanage, Arya Orphanage, Sweet Home Girls Ashram. The foundation has successfully partnered with stationary giants like Linc, Sundaram, Camlin, etc., to provide respite to these children. The project also aims to help them refine their skills and hobbies by collaborating with other specialized organizations so that they too can prosper without any inhibitions.


Project Report