Project Seva


The coronavirus pandemic birthed in 2020 has absolutely shattered everyone’s reality. Around 12.2 crore people lost their jobs to the pandemic, 75% of which were daily wage workers who struggled to pay for basic necessities like food during the lockdown. While countries lauded India for implementing the biggest lockdown globally, it also led to an increase in unemployment rates to a staggering 27.1%. Due to a recession in the economy, even those who had work experienced a 62% fall in their pay-checks. If not the virus, the lack of necessities and shelter were out to haunt them. With the coronavirus severely impacting the informal sector, which makes up for 81% of the country’s workforce, there is a need to alleviate them from distress. Project SEVA, by Pledge a Smile Foundation, aims to provide some relief to those who run the informal economy of our country by providing them with ‘Food Kits.’ Food is a basic necessity required for survival. With most of the underprivileged workers supporting a family, this ‘Food Kit’ will alleviate the stress of feeding their children and reduce the burden on their shoulders. With the world facing a new reality that might not end so soon, people must band together for the upliftment of the weak so that they have a little less to worry about.



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