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Our Vision

“PLEDGE A SMILE” is a vision for our team. An organisation through which we want to give back lost smiles, motivations, and hope for better tomorrow to everyone. Life, as we know, hasn’t been easy for anyone at any point in time. However, for a few, it has been far difficult with a lack of available resources. We started as few young hands in 2016 eagerly looking forward to helping as many people as we can to make a change in their lives.

Our country is the second most populated one in the world with millions of people living below the poverty line. As much as we would love our government to help each one out there, it is not practically possible to do it with many more important decisions to be taken every day. The lack of immediate attention on a few makes them feel neglected, less cared for, or hopeless. This was our problem to tackle providing immediate support to as many people as possible and land a SMILE on their faces. We want everyone to feel included, cared for and loved these emotions deserve equality. Don’t they?

SMILE is the best gift you can give to any person. If they SMILE because of you for any reason, even once, consider it the best achievement you could have achieved. Not just humans we aim to mark smiles for our environment, animals, and birds. What is better than helping the ones who can’t express or speak our language? ‘PLEDGE A SMILE’ as an organisation wants to spread sensitivity towards everything possible, more humanity, and a happier tomorrow. Will you join hands with us to make this earth a better place for living?