Project Raahat


An analysis of statistics on accidental deaths due to natural causes obtained from the Open Government Data (OGD) Platform of the Government of India reveals that as many as 10,933 Indians (an average of 781 per year) have died over 14 years – due to “cold and exposure.” The numbers have been increasing ever since. In 23 of the last 38 years (1980-2018), the human death toll (over 10,000 die every year) in India due to cold waves was higher than that of heatwaves. These shocking statistics show the severe implications of winter on those who do not have any means to protect themselves from the same. Pledge a Smile Foundation has set up “Project Raahat” in response to the far-reaching damage caused by winters and cold waves. Project Raahat works at helping the homeless and needy by providing them with basics to combat extreme winter colds such as a blanket, sweaters, gloves, socks, and caps. The foundation aims to help 50,000 homeless and poor citizens from winter as its first goal. Through this project, Pledge a Smile Foundation wants to provide relief in winter to the underprivileged who are already bogged down by other societal and financial troubles.


Project Report